Truly Rich Club Platinum Meeting Jan 9 2016

Truly Rich Club Platinum Meeting

Hi There!

As promised, I will be your tour guide inside the Truly Rich Club meetings and other events so here’s the first blog for the adventures that we’ll have inside the Truly Rich Club Platinum Circle.

I am a member of the Platinum Wealth Circle of the Truly Rich Club. As a leaner, I am always looking forward to this meeting.

The date is January 9, 2016. I would like to share with you some of my learner’s note about wealth, life, and happiness.

The topic for this meeting is “Make Room for More Abundance in 2016”.

It has four powerful sessions that is beneficial for business owners and employees who also wanted to start their businesses.

We heard from Ann Tangco, Owner and Founder of Bizu Restaurants. In this event, Bro. Bo Sanchez also led us into a “Gratitude and Growth Planning Workshop.”

And at last, one of our classmates, Dr. Sixto Carlos, owner of a prestigious Vet Clinic: Makati Dog And Cat Hospital also shared his expertise on how to reach High-end clients for businesses.

As the 4th session, Mr. Edward Lee of colfinancial gave stockupdates.

The core concept of the seminar is the 7Ps of business planning. So, if you’re a business owner or love to have one; you’ll definitely fell blessed to meet successful business people. But if you’re not into entrepreneurship, I still encourage you to take some time in answering these questions too. I did some tweak on the questions so it both fit business people and readers who don’t have their own business yet.

Ready? Aim.. Fire!

No. 1 Past

What are the lessons that you have learned last year? What are your successes and what are your failures and what have you learned from it?

No. 2 Profit

How much do you want to earn this year. (Or, what are your goals this year?)

For entrepreneurs, you can put how much net profit you want to have for your business. For employees, you can write how much money you want to save this year.

No. 3 Population (For business people only)

Where and how will you get more customers?

Here are the suggestions:

Referrals from friends
eNewsletter + Blog
Social Media
Direct Mail
No. 4 Products

For business: What new and improved products can you give your customers?

For non-business side: How can you improve yourself to become a better person this year?

No. 5 Players

For business: How can you shape up your team?

For non-business: How can you shape up your team or how can you be a great asset for the team that you are in?

No. 6 Personal

How can you grow more? What skills do you want to develop this year? What conferences or seminars do you need to attend? Who are the mentors you’ll consult? What time of the day will you read or listen to audio and video talks?

No. 7 Program

Note: This part of planning is the most important part. In this last step, every plan is made clearer because you have to give a definite schedule for the action that you should take.

You can use google calendar or print 2016 calendar.

So, here we go. Happy planning!


– By the way, if you just wanted to learn more about investing and don’t know where to start; you can download my Free Ebook: How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market for Newbies

– If you feel like you are really, really wanted to start ASAP, please directly visit the Truly Rich Club Page

Happy Investing,


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