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Bo Sanchez is a well-known name when it comes to entrepreneurship and leadership. He is also a great speaker that influences people. Bo does not only speak in front of countless crowds but he also encourages people thru his soulful and inspirational books. With his great credentials, there is no wonder why many people patronize his works and words of encouragement.

Aside from being intellectual man, Bo is also a man of God. He has a heart of serving God thru the talents given to him. That is why there are people who believe in his capacity of changing lives thru inspiring messages. As a result, there are countless of Bo Sanchez members in his created organization.

Bo Sanchez members have the freedom to choose on what kind of membership they wanted to be in. Some of the choices membership may be classified in the following:

  • com: Philippines – P 497.00

It includes monthly life talk, monthly video talk, daily Godwhispers, eReports, affiliate income and free ebook.

  • Diamond EntrepCircle for International – P 2 975.00 and Philippines – P 1 997.00
  • com : Elite Executive – Philippines

It includes relationship and reborn program in DVD, a monthly life talk in CD or DVD. People can also enjoy Quarterly Feast of Worship in CD. Included also are Free eBook, monthly newsletter, affiliate income, and 3 audio talks.

  • com: Platinum in Philippines

Members will enjoy monthly life talk, daily Godwhispers, 3 eBooks, 2 songs for every month and an affiliate income.

  • com

You may choose from premier and regular for International and Philippines. The basic things that include in for this membership are OTL video and audio in seminar, take home eCourse, video interviews, free eBook, monthly love webinar and monthly eLetter.

  • Platinum Wealthcircle

This membership comprises free truly rich club, monthly webinars and super Gold membership

If you want to become one of Bo Sanchez members, all you have to do is sign-up in Then you are going to choose among the many choices on kind of membership you want to be in. Your choice will depend on your need as a person. Upon choosing where to become a member you may think of something that is lacking in your life. Thru that you are able to maximize your membership.

Just to remind you, it entails an amount of money depending on your chosen membership. You will choose the mode of payment system that you prefer. Necessary information will be asked for you to fill-out to accomplish signing-up as Bo Sanchez members. There is nothing for you to worry about the confidentiality of information.

The countless Bo Sanchez members only prove that there are people who trust in Bo’s ability of instilling change to a person’s life. It is also an indication that he is an effective leader, speaker and influencer. To add, Bo is someone whom the people can trust with. So if ever you want to change your life by making it more fruitful and purposeful according to the will God, be part of Bo Sanchez members.


  1. Good day! I am kinda lost in the truly rich club…if you are member is it like a ‘teacher’?does it guides us regarding investing in stock markets?if I want to be a member, do I need to start right away in the onvestment?thank you

    • Yes Richel, Bro Bo and his team will guide you on what to buy & what to sell in the stock market. And you will also receive guidance on what to do with your money & expand our financial mindset.

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