Bo Sanchez Biography

The author of nine best-selling books and a publisher of seven magazines, this is what people know about Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr. or popularly known as Bo Sanchez. He is a Filipino and was born on July 11, 1966 in Caloocan City, Philippines. He is also a Roman Catholic. He is married to a Filipina who is Marowe Sanchez. They are living happily with their two children, Benedict and Francis Sanchez.

These days, people know that aside from being a book author, he is also known as good entrepreneur in the industry. He has been into different small business engagements and in real estates. He is doing such because he believes that it is not only for his family and for the projects he handled but it is also for solving the country’s economic issues and it is to raise more entrepreneurs with his countrymen.  This part of Bo Sanchez biography only tells how he has a strong belief that Filipinos could be a good entrepreneurs and how the economic state of the Philippines could rise in the future.

The strong belief of Bo Sanchez also completes his identity as a good example to Filipinos. While being an author and entrepreneur, he is also a good preacher and a lay minister in the Philippines. He has even a TV show that aired weekly during Tuesdays at 10:30pm and a radio program that daily airs from Mondays to Saturday at 5 am and during Sundays at 8 am. There is also a website wherein the said radio show can be watched via internet. This part of Bo Sanchez biography lets him to share the spiritual or religious aspects where people will surely learn.

Bo Sanchez at a young age has already done in giving talks with adult groups and has already published about 27 books and seven magazines. Because of his dedication in being an author and a preacher at the same time as an entrepreneur, he is able to garner much recognition. He received awards such as The Outstanding Young Men(TOYM) which is an award for Community Service, Serviam Award, which is considered as the highest award being awarded to a deserve lay practitioner from the Catholic Mass Media and more.

The Bo Sanchez biography is completed by being part of different organizations, lending a hand for the poor people. Because of that, he has recently formed the Kerygma Family which is a borderless, an international and a non-physical community. Many people are signing up into this to become part of the virtual community. He is also passionate about his created organization which is the Catholic Academy. It is created to help parents who have their goals of teaching their child at home.

Above all the things that Bo Sanchez biography includes, Bo has his main belief that his first goal among all is to become a loving husband to Marowe, her wife  and be a more devoted father to Benedict  and Francis( his two sons). As of now, they are peacefully living in the country (Manila, Philippines). This is all about Bo Sanchez biography to serve as an inspiration for many Filipinos.

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